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Paganini Prize

The Paganini Prize is an international violin competition held in Genoa, the birthplace of the violinist Niccolò Paganini.

During the various stages, the competitors, by performing the pieces selected from those indicated in the musical program of the call for participation, must highlight their personalities and musical skills, proving their acclaimed artistic and technical abilities, respecting Paganini’s text and original aesthetic and stylistic style, performing pieces of high difficulty for solo violin – such as the 24 Capricci – with piano accompaniment and – in the final stage – playing with the orchestra of the Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa.



Giovanni Panebianco
He has worked in parliamentary bodies and led government delegations in European and international fora. He has been a board member of non-profit organizations, such as the ‘Venetian Heritage’ Foundation, recognized by UNESCO for the protection of the artistic and cultural heritage of Venice.

Art director

Maestro Nazzareno Carusi

A pianist and chamber musician, a pupil of Alexis Weissenberg and Viktor Merzhanov, his encounters with Isaac Stern and Adriano Vendramelli were decisive for his training. Riccardo Muti called him ‘a superlative musician’.

General Secretary

Gloria Piaggio

He directed several offices of the Genoa City Council, including Cultural Policies, Place marketing, Smart City, European Projects. Previously, he worked on the organisation of the Genoa International Fair in 1992.




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