Paganini and his time

In 2018, the idea of a Cultural Route on Niccolò Paganini, unique for his charisma and revolutionary impact on music and the organization of musical events in the 19th century, was born. The initial project was successful and evolved in 2023 with the establishment of the International Association European Paganini Route.

This route aims to narrate not only Paganini’s life but the entire history of European music between the Enlightenment and Romanticism, emphasizing the effects of his figure on other protagonists of the time. The aim is to transform the itinerary into a cultural story about music as a tool for intercultural dialogue, highlighting the European citizenship that was formed well before the conception of a united Europe.

Music, an ideal vehicle for spreading values of creativity and democracy, becomes a protagonist in conveying European identity and uniting different cultures. In this new concept, the Association aims to obtain Council of Europe certification, positioning the European Paganini Route alongside initiatives such as the Mozart Way.

By certifying the EPR, music is enshrined as a European value, highlighting Paganini’s legacy as a catalyst for change in the international music scene.


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