Paganini Festivals


Paganini Guitar Festival

23rd edition
25 – 28 May 2023

Paganini Genoa Festival

7th edition
27 May – 4 June 2023

Festival Paganiniano di Carro

22nd edition
15 July- 14 August 2023

Territories involved


An event capable of bringing some of the most important Paganini specialists on the international scene to the city, as well as students, enthusiasts, master lute-makers and music critics interested in the figure of the genius of the violin who was also a very talented guitarist.


The aim of the Festival is to make known the inexhaustible and fascinating facets of a character who was unparalleled in his time, who subjugated audiences all over Europe, changing, thanks also to a first-rate entrepreneurial talent, the way of making and organising music.


The festival begins and ends in the charming village of Carro, the birthplace of the great violinist’s ancestors, as a house that once belonged to Paganini’s family still testifies. Over the years, the Festival has made the Val di Vara, a place where nature has remained unspoilt and traditions continue to be respected, known to an Italian and foreign audience.