European Paganini Route the itinerary dedicated to the famous musician and his historical period.

EPR represents a unique opportunity to inspire young people to develop their skills and talents. It builds on Paganini’s creativity and innovative energy, encouraging a new generation to follow in his footsteps.

EPR promotes cooperation across national borders through an international cultural and musical initiative in keeping with the European spirit. In the context of European culture, Niccolò Paganini played a crucial role not only in music but also as a representative of an era of profound change that contributed to the formation of new European citizenship between the 18th and 19th centuries.

In constant contact with other eminent composers and musicians of his time in various European countries, Paganini consolidated the vision of a unique European artist, performing in key theatres and contributing to a reputation that endures to this day. His reputation remains a source of inspiration for new generations not only in the field of music but also in other areas.

Several cultural and music festivals are dedicated to him and he is mentioned in literary, artistic, and even food and wine contexts, even overseas. He has been able to unite different audiences, dealing with musicians from different backgrounds and always respecting their backgrounds and diversity of styles.

All of Paganini’s journeys have been documented on the basis of his correspondence and other authentic documents, as well as concert programs, giving travelers the opportunity to follow his stages. In particular, the memorable tour he undertook from 1828 to 1834, which took him through 9 countries, covering over 20,000 kilometers and performing in over 400 concerts, many for charity, can be relived by visiting the places where he performed.

Contemporary travelers will have the opportunity to explore the artistic, cultural, educational, and academic activities on offer along the way, visiting theatres and historic centers of numerous European cities to immerse themselves in the extraordinary life of one of the most eclectic and brilliant musicians of all time.

In July 2023, the European Paganini Route officially applied for certification of its status as a Cultural Route under the Council of Europe Programme. Music, being the universal language of humanity, holds an intrinsic power that transcends cultural barriers. Obtaining such certification would be a significant achievement in underlining the importance of music in preserving European cultural diversity.


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Partners and collaborations

There are numerous and continuously expanding partners and associates in our network.
All entities cooperate in various capacities with the project and its development.

Local authorities

Municipality of Bastia-France
Municipality of Carro-Italy
Municipality of Genoa-Italy
Municipality of Parma-Italy
Municipality of Tarnogrod-Poland
Municipality of Varna-Bulgaria

Cultural institutions

Anhaltisches Theater Dessau, Germany
Museo-Gesellschaft di Francoforte, Germany
Paganini Prize, Italy
M. Curie-Skłodowska Primary School Tarnogród, Poland

Chambers of Commerce

Chambers of Commerce of Genoa, Italy


MUS-E, Cyprus
Friends of the Hyères International Music Festival, France
Historical Ages of Debrecen Re-enactment, Hungary
GOG, Giovine Orchestra Genovese, Italy
Parma Concert Society, Italia
 La Spezia Concert Society, Italy
Friends of Paganini  Genova, Italy
Friends of the Paganini Festival of Carro, Italy
Pro Loco Carro, Italy
Ensemble Nuove Musiche, Italy
Italo-Austrian Cultural Centre, Italy
St. George’s Club, United Kingdom
Les Chambristes, Switzerland

Universities and Research Centres

University of Kent, United Kingdom
University of Arts in Tirana, Albania
Conservatory of Music Giacomo Puccini La Spezia , Italy
Liceu Conservatory Foundation, Spain
International Music Academy Orpheus, Austria

Tourism Stakeholders

La Superba Viaggi & Vacanze, Italy
Dreams Travel & Tours, Switzerland





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